I had a hard time settling on who to do a tribute page. My original one was on an anime character and I had to ask myself who did I look up to that actually had a pulse? I never had many heroes, but I have found myself using this man’s quotes more than once. So I introduce you to my tribute page for Benjamin Franklin.

picture of Benjamin Franklin picture of Benjamin Franklin picture of Benjamin Franklin picture of Benjamin Franklin picture of Benjamin Franklin

Pictures of Ben through out his life

Benjamin Franklinwas born January 17, 1706, died April 17, 1790. Father Josiah Franklin and his mother Abiah Folger birthed him in Boston Massachusetts. An inventor, polymath, newspaperman, physicist, chess player, musician, writer, and the 6th president of Pennsylvania (Oct. 18, 1785 - Nov. 5, 1788). He was highly decorated in science, politics, and the founding ways of what it meant to have colonial unity and how to be a true American. He owned slaves but became weary in 1750 arguing against the economic casualties of the use of them making him an abolitionist also. This man’s life was more than colorful, touching everything from Freemasonry to being the first US Postmaster General, the first U.S. ambassador to France. Signer of the Constitution and Declaration of Independence, he also made a splash in writing under the alias “Richard Saunders,” with the “Poor Richard’s Almanack.” Even working with the physicist Leonhard Euler to study the theory of light. There is more information than can be put on one webpage! He’s the face of the 2nd to highest bill in our country but was never a US president. Benjamin represented what was called “Generic religion” he was religious in a sense of acting and being. Not belonging to a church or certain faction, he was accepted by all. It’s something I highly agree with because these days there are as many churches and views as there are gangs. This man was completely different, an American Michelangelo or Da Vinci if you will. He achieved a generation of some men's work in one lifetime through hard work and perseverance. I love his attitude and ability to plan and execute, he would write down a schedule for the day and do his best to achieve all daily goals with military precision.

"Some people die at 25 and aren't buried until 75."

My favorite Ben Franklin quote.